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Herbs are a favorite for us to transplant, their fragrance making that task all the more pleasant. Planting herbs in a pot on the deck or in a window box is a great way to have them handy for cooking all season long.  Lemon verbena will fill a 12” pot by mid-summer. Set it in a spot where you will brush by it and enjoy.  Mints are best planted in pots to keep them from taking over your garden unless you want them to. Both make wonderful additions to a tea garden!  Our 4” potted herbs are planted in CowPots, which will decompose while enriching your plants and soil. Soak the plant in it's CowPot before planting and watch it grow! Pinching back will ensure strong, bushy plants and continuous supply for your culinary pleasure.

An important note about basil; it does not like the cold at all and planting too early in the cool damp spring weather can cause death or Basil downy mildew, a highly contagious disease. This mildew is transmitted through spores and can be blown in on the wind, carried in on clothing, hands, and tools, or travel in the water that's splashed or sprayed from plant to plant.  Plant basil so it has good air circulation by giving your plants space to grow. Visit the University of Maine Cooperative Extension website for all kinds of gardening information.  Got Pest is another great resource.

All plants are subject to availability, germination, and other factors beyond our control!

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